Walworth County Firefighters' Association

Training Officer Contact: 

Paul Yakowenko

 Please use form submission page or email directly at mywcfa@gmail.com

Training Available:

Wisconsin Emergency Traffic Control & Scene Management Guidlines, Hybrid Vehicle Safety, Forcible Entry, Propane Response, Emergency Vehicle Response Guidlines, Developing SOP/SOG's,

Fireground Tactics & Stratiges, Company officer Development, R I T Training, Vehicle Extracation, Quick Water Operations, Basic Pump Operations, Fireground Operations,

Cause & Origin Operations, First  in Reports, Decision Making 101, Building Construction for the Firefighter, Mentoring Program, Truck Operations, Ladder Evolutions, Engine Operations,

Health & Safety Operations, Firefighter Wellness, Basic Drill School, Near Miss Program, Fire Extinguisher Operation, MAYDAY Training, Officer Training School, Preparing for a LODD, 

Setting up a Honor Guard, Basic Hose Advancement and selection. Team Building, Smokehouse Operation, Memorial Set Training. 

Training Equipment/Props Available:

Fire Prevention Trailer / Smokehouse, Forcible Entry Trailer, Bunker Door Prop, Door Props, Roof Prop, Chopping Prop, Rebar cutting prop, Padlock cutting prop, Hinge Pulling Prop,  Air bag Prop, Window Prop, Reduced Space Prop, Search and Rescue props,  Wall Breach prop,  RIT prop .Trailer can have live fire inside for realistic effect. Propane Prop, Propane Tree prop, Fire Extinguisher Prop, 2,000 sq. ft layout for search and rescue with movable walls. This prop is designed for SCBA confidence drills, Air managment Drill, RIT drills, & Team Building Drills. It sumilates a house layout that can be changed multiple ways in a matter of minutes with smoke conditions or not.  This prop is on a trailer so it is mobile.

Upcoming Training:

Check back later for updates! 


Training Resources

We will be adding resources to our site for training in the near future. If you or your department are interested in publishing PowerPoint training presentations or other items to our site, please submit your items to paulyakowenko@gmail.com . Please do not submit copyrighted or licensed material. Also remember that if something is published, the contents will be available for use by anyone viewing the site and materials may be edited or copied without your consent/permission. With this in mind we do hope that you still share your information in order for us firefighters to better serve our departments and our communities