Walworth County Firefighters' Association

Memorial Set

The Walworth County Firefighters Association has a full memorial set for use as requested.  Member Departments are allowed the use of the set at no cost.  Non member departments are welcome to use the set with a donation fee paid in advance. Contact Jennifer or Paul via form submission or email at mywcfa@gmail.com 


The set includes:

-Memorial/ceremonial bell in hardwood display case

-a 20' x 30' American flag in hardwood display case and accessories for hanging

-1 flag each: Wisconsin, American, firefighter, fire chiefs, WCFA

-9 flag stands (with short poles optional for low ceilings)

-4 pike poles

-Flag holsters and gloves for color guard

-2 turnout gear stands

-50' 1 1/2" hose with brass nozzle

-4 bronzed head memorial axes

-Bunting: 2 sets for the station, 2 sets for engine/truck



ANYONE using the memorial set is responsible and liable for repairing or replacing any items damaged, lost or otherwise not accounted for (whether accidental or intentional ) to the satisfaction of the WCFA executive board.