Walworth County Firefighters' Association

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes May 21, 2012

Posted on May 22, 2012 at 12:10 AM

Walworth County Firefighters Association

Meeting Minutes


I. Call to order

Paul Yakowenko called to order the regular meeting of the WCFA at 1939 on 5/21/12 at Bloomfield Genoa City Fire and Rescue.

II. Roll call

Jennifer Radtke conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: WCFA Members: Alan Buzell, Paul Yakowenko, Jennifer Radtke; Of BGCFR: Brandon Coulman, Stan Domalik, B. Zadler.

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Jennifer Radtke read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read.

IV. Treasurers Report

a) Treasurers report stands as read.

V. Open issues

b) Received several more bids for banquet:

1) Randy’s, Lakelawn, Evergreen

2) Celebration’s is still the most cost effective at this time. In part to our continued use of their services, they are able to heavily discount their services to us.

3) We will get bids from the Abbey at member’s request.

c) Brian Christ- Still no response for equipment or books. Will send certified letter of intent of criminal charges/small claims if property and books are not returned. One more attempt to contact will be made by Dan Pitt prior to sending a letter.

d) Jeff Peters- Still no response to our demand to return our fees. See above course of action.

e) Smokehouse was at Educators Credit Union this past Saturday 5/19.

f) Safety Town- Geneva Lakes Women’s Assoc on board again for Safety Town. Donation request will be processed at their next meeting.

g) Email was sent to Rick Kolomay concerning the purchase of books to replace those being held hostage by Brian Christ. Awaiting response via email.

h) Final Reading and acceptance of the amended Bi-Laws concerning executive board eligibility. Motion to carry by Alan Buzzell, seconded by Brandon Coulman of BGCFR.

VI. New business

a) Troy Center will be using training props the first weekend in June.

b) Master Lock was contacted regarding a possible donation to the assoc of locks and/or shackles. They are interested in donating, but only with a 501(c3).

c) Sprinkler head supplier on board with new personnel (Dan Gengler retired)- he is also willing to attend any functions that he can speak about the use of sprinkler heads. We will inform him of the dates for the fair and any other current smokehouse and training dates.

d) Insurance company contacted us regarding any additions to our policy- no new equipment or changes except we no longer insure the training engine as it is no longer needed.

e) An application to Wal-Mart will be submitted to solicit a donation.

f) FDIC application for 2013 was submitted. A response should be given by August if the application was accepted or denied.

g) Towing of the smokehouse at no cost by Larry’s Towing is no longer possible for them. It was requested that we pay for the cost of fuel and he will continue to donate the manpower and his time to do so. It was suggested at the meeting that we solicit the schools that use the smokehouse to see if they are able to raise funds to help cover the costs. A letter will be drafted to send to the schools and their respective PTA’s.

h) The WCFA was requested to teach at Monroe Fire School this August. We have accepted their invitation.

VII. Adjournment

Paul Yakowenko adjourned the meeting at 2005.

Minutes submitted by: Jennifer Radtke

Minutes approved by: Paul Yakowenko

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