Walworth County Firefighters' Association

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes March 6, 2012

Posted on March 13, 2012 at 4:00 PM

Walworth County Firefighters Association

Meeting Minutes


I. Call to order

Paul Yakowenko called to order the regular meeting of the Walworth County Firefighters Association at 1905 on 3/6/12 in Whitewater, WI.

II. Roll call

Jennifer Radtke conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Executive Board: Alan Buzzel, Paul Yakowenko, Jennifer Radtke, Lyons: Mike Swanson, Jerry Hemibauch, Whitewater: Terry Phelps, Brian Fuerstenberg

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Jennifer Radtke read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read.

IV. New Business

a) Fair contract: application for fair board to be sent in. Discovered we do not need separate insurance purchased through the fair as we are covered on the umbrella policy for the smokehouse. We only need to present a letter of coverage to the fair board. Also in discussion for the fair is obtaining a newer model car for showing the public our extraction methods. This would be in place of the engine.

b) Equipment from the training engine and books won at the banquet are still being held by Brian Christ. Dan Pitt should be receiving these items at the MABAS meeting this Thursday.

c) The remaining plaques and certificates from the banquet for Whitewater were given out.

d) A letter was sent to the Geneva Lakes Women's Association requesting a donation this year in order to continue with the smokehouse.

e) Our 501.3 (C) was never filed by the attorney, Jeff Peters. This was verified by direct contact with the IRS. Our EIN was expired. Paul renewed during this call. We found that we are able to file this ourselves after our EIN has been active for eight weeks by either filing online or through another accountant. As for our original thousand dollar deposit with the attorney, we will be pursuing legal action for the return of this money.

V. Open Business

a) A second reading of article 7 of the bylaws was read. Motion in favor by Alan Buzzell, seconded by Lyons.

b) Banquet: bids received from Sperino’s Little Italy and Celebrations. We will also be taking bids from other places including, but not limited to, Evergreen golf course, Randy's, Hawks View, Grand Geneva and Lake Lawn. We can no longer afford the nearly $500 in extra fees charged to us by the city of Lake Geneva for the use of the Riviera ballroom.

c) Loves Park training: what needs to be changed?

d) Request to members to continue submitting their contact information and to express their questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns regarding the website.

e) It was requested by Whitewater for the meeting minutes to be posted online. This will be completed; however, there are some meetings minutes that we did not receive copy of.

f) FDIC: still in the works for 2013.

g) There has been no word from Jefferson County regarding the request for training.

VI. Treasurers Report

Stands as read

VII. Adjournment

Paul Yakowenko adjourned the meeting at 2050. Motion to adjourn by Alan Buzzell, seconded by Whitewater

Minutes submitted by: Jennifer Radtke

Minutes approved by: Paul Yakowenko

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