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Executive Board Minutes 7/12/12

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The following minutes will be provided in lieu of our regular meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for 9/24 at Darien.

If you would like to submit any questions, comments or concerns, send Jennifer an email at mywcfa@gmail.com.

Walworth County Firefighters Association

Executive Board

Meeting Minutes


I. Call to order

Paul Yakowenko called to order the regular meeting of the WCFA at 1810 on 7/12/12 in Lake Geneva.

II. Roll call

Jennifer Radtke conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Paul Yakowenko, Alan Buzzell, Dan Pit, Jon Scheske, Jennifer Radtke.

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Jennifer Radtke read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read.

IV. Treasurers Report

Treasurers report stands as read.

V. Open issues

d) Brian Christ was sent a certified letter demanding the return of WCFA equipment off the engine and the books from the banquet. *update 7/25/12* Letter received and we are collecting our equipment 7/28/12.

e) Jeff Peters was sent a certified letter demanding a return/refund of the fees paid to establish a 501(c)(3).*update 7/25/12* Letter still not received. Waiting on non-delivery confirmation from USPS.

f) Monroe fire school is a go for this year. Several member instructors will be attending.

g) Wal-Mart received our application for a donation request.

h) Loves Park owes for training.

VI. New business

i) Last call for services to be broadcast by county dispatch in the event of a firefighter death. WWSO provided a form/worksheet that needs to be completed for each separate request.

j) The WCFA 20’x30’ flag was torn while being used recently. The damage was completely accidental and out of the control of anyone present. Flag will need to be replaced as the repair is less than desirable. *update 7/25/12* Silver Lake fire Department will be taking care of the replacement flag costs. The old flag will be retired and be a permanent display flag in the case. The new flag will be used for display as needed during services.

k) Kevin Lohmeier from Infinity Bridge Corp has seen our door prop and would like us to allow him the use of the door to test a new forcible entry tool. This would include filming the training. He is also interested in purchasing a door to use as a demo door to test, sell and market his product. In no way are we marketing or endorsing his product at this time. It is in its test stages and not available for purchase.

l) In light of budgetary restrictions, Dues will be raised for the coming year beginning October 2012 to $300 per department. Banquet ticket fees will be raised $5 per ticket. All banquet ticket prices and dues information is on the Awards banquet page on the web site. Rate increases are covered in the by-laws.

m) Several pages have been added to the website regarding the smokehouse, memorial set, and banquet. Pages were added to ensure all member and non-member departments are aware of the restrictions or requirements for use of our equipment.

n) If any departments due to host a meeting yet this year need to change their hosting dates, Jennifer needs to be notified as soon as possible and no later than TWO weeks prior to the date being cancelled.

VII. Adjournment

Paul Yakowenko adjourned the meeting at 2045.

Minutes submitted by: Jennifer Radtke

Minutes approved by: Paul Yakowenko

Meeting Minutes May 21, 2012

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Walworth County Firefighters Association

Meeting Minutes


I. Call to order

Paul Yakowenko called to order the regular meeting of the WCFA at 1939 on 5/21/12 at Bloomfield Genoa City Fire and Rescue.

II. Roll call

Jennifer Radtke conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: WCFA Members: Alan Buzell, Paul Yakowenko, Jennifer Radtke; Of BGCFR: Brandon Coulman, Stan Domalik, B. Zadler.

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Jennifer Radtke read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read.

IV. Treasurers Report

a) Treasurers report stands as read.

V. Open issues

b) Received several more bids for banquet:

1) Randy’s, Lakelawn, Evergreen

2) Celebration’s is still the most cost effective at this time. In part to our continued use of their services, they are able to heavily discount their services to us.

3) We will get bids from the Abbey at member’s request.

c) Brian Christ- Still no response for equipment or books. Will send certified letter of intent of criminal charges/small claims if property and books are not returned. One more attempt to contact will be made by Dan Pitt prior to sending a letter.

d) Jeff Peters- Still no response to our demand to return our fees. See above course of action.

e) Smokehouse was at Educators Credit Union this past Saturday 5/19.

f) Safety Town- Geneva Lakes Women’s Assoc on board again for Safety Town. Donation request will be processed at their next meeting.

g) Email was sent to Rick Kolomay concerning the purchase of books to replace those being held hostage by Brian Christ. Awaiting response via email.

h) Final Reading and acceptance of the amended Bi-Laws concerning executive board eligibility. Motion to carry by Alan Buzzell, seconded by Brandon Coulman of BGCFR.

VI. New business

a) Troy Center will be using training props the first weekend in June.

b) Master Lock was contacted regarding a possible donation to the assoc of locks and/or shackles. They are interested in donating, but only with a 501(c3).

c) Sprinkler head supplier on board with new personnel (Dan Gengler retired)- he is also willing to attend any functions that he can speak about the use of sprinkler heads. We will inform him of the dates for the fair and any other current smokehouse and training dates.

d) Insurance company contacted us regarding any additions to our policy- no new equipment or changes except we no longer insure the training engine as it is no longer needed.

e) An application to Wal-Mart will be submitted to solicit a donation.

f) FDIC application for 2013 was submitted. A response should be given by August if the application was accepted or denied.

g) Towing of the smokehouse at no cost by Larry’s Towing is no longer possible for them. It was requested that we pay for the cost of fuel and he will continue to donate the manpower and his time to do so. It was suggested at the meeting that we solicit the schools that use the smokehouse to see if they are able to raise funds to help cover the costs. A letter will be drafted to send to the schools and their respective PTA’s.

h) The WCFA was requested to teach at Monroe Fire School this August. We have accepted their invitation.

VII. Adjournment

Paul Yakowenko adjourned the meeting at 2005.

Minutes submitted by: Jennifer Radtke

Minutes approved by: Paul Yakowenko

Meeting Minutes Update

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To all association members:

As most of you know, the transition from paper to digital has proved a bit hairy in some aspects. All meeting minutes are accounted for in paper fashion, but I will not be posting those that were not received in digital format at this time.

That siad, 2012 marks a new start to the association. The meeting minutes from January and March are up. I will continue to post all new meeting minutes here on out. I will do my best to get the minutes posted to the site within a week of the meeting.

If any issues may arise, please contact me through the site "contact us" section or directly at mwcfa@gmail.com .

I thank you all for your patience during the transition,

Jennifer Radtke

Executive Board Assistant

Meeting Minutes March 6, 2012

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Walworth County Firefighters Association

Meeting Minutes


I. Call to order

Paul Yakowenko called to order the regular meeting of the Walworth County Firefighters Association at 1905 on 3/6/12 in Whitewater, WI.

II. Roll call

Jennifer Radtke conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Executive Board: Alan Buzzel, Paul Yakowenko, Jennifer Radtke, Lyons: Mike Swanson, Jerry Hemibauch, Whitewater: Terry Phelps, Brian Fuerstenberg

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Jennifer Radtke read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read.

IV. New Business

a) Fair contract: application for fair board to be sent in. Discovered we do not need separate insurance purchased through the fair as we are covered on the umbrella policy for the smokehouse. We only need to present a letter of coverage to the fair board. Also in discussion for the fair is obtaining a newer model car for showing the public our extraction methods. This would be in place of the engine.

b) Equipment from the training engine and books won at the banquet are still being held by Brian Christ. Dan Pitt should be receiving these items at the MABAS meeting this Thursday.

c) The remaining plaques and certificates from the banquet for Whitewater were given out.

d) A letter was sent to the Geneva Lakes Women's Association requesting a donation this year in order to continue with the smokehouse.

e) Our 501.3 (C) was never filed by the attorney, Jeff Peters. This was verified by direct contact with the IRS. Our EIN was expired. Paul renewed during this call. We found that we are able to file this ourselves after our EIN has been active for eight weeks by either filing online or through another accountant. As for our original thousand dollar deposit with the attorney, we will be pursuing legal action for the return of this money.

V. Open Business

a) A second reading of article 7 of the bylaws was read. Motion in favor by Alan Buzzell, seconded by Lyons.

b) Banquet: bids received from Sperino’s Little Italy and Celebrations. We will also be taking bids from other places including, but not limited to, Evergreen golf course, Randy's, Hawks View, Grand Geneva and Lake Lawn. We can no longer afford the nearly $500 in extra fees charged to us by the city of Lake Geneva for the use of the Riviera ballroom.

c) Loves Park training: what needs to be changed?

d) Request to members to continue submitting their contact information and to express their questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns regarding the website.

e) It was requested by Whitewater for the meeting minutes to be posted online. This will be completed; however, there are some meetings minutes that we did not receive copy of.

f) FDIC: still in the works for 2013.

g) There has been no word from Jefferson County regarding the request for training.

VI. Treasurers Report

Stands as read

VII. Adjournment

Paul Yakowenko adjourned the meeting at 2050. Motion to adjourn by Alan Buzzell, seconded by Whitewater

Minutes submitted by: Jennifer Radtke

Minutes approved by: Paul Yakowenko

Meeting Minutes January 23, 2012

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Walworth County Firefighters Association

Meeting Minutes


I. Call to order

Paul A Yakowenko called to order the regular meeting of the Walworth County Firefighters Association at 2005 on 1/23/12.

II. Roll call

Paul Yakowenko conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: 27 members present from 5 different departments; Williams Bay, Bloomfield/Genoa City, Lyons, Town of Burlington, and Town of Delavan.

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting

No minutes were read as no one showed to the Waterford meeting on 12/8/11

IV. Business

a) Outstanding dues to be collected: Williams Bay and possibly Troy Center still owe for dues

b) Smoke Machine Update: Returned damaged by UPS due to faulty/shoddy packaging by Rosco Labs. Bill of $885 still outstanding.

c) Whitewater/Jefferson Training: There was interest from these departments for training but no further communication or requests have been generated

d) By-laws to be updated: the by-laws will be updated to reflect the feelings of the executive board regarding the clarification of language related to the definition of “Fire Chief”. Language updated and by-laws will be read in at the next 3 meetings. First reading- motion to accept by Williams Bay, seconded by Lyons

e) Smokehouse repairs: Several repairs are waiting to be done. Cameras, wiring, duct leaks, etc. Will begin making arrangements for this work to be done while the smokehouse is parked.

f) Memorial Set inventory: there are still pieces loaned out to Sharon needing to be returned. Also, a new sign in/sign out form will be drafted and implemented for better inventory control and to account for damage accrued to items.

g) New members?: Paul will be speaking with the Chiefs of Richmond, Hebron and Harvard to gauge/confirm interest in joining

h) Geneva Lakes Womens Association: application for their charitable contributions will be submitted by 1/31deadline.

i) Monroe Fire School: Will be attending this year, August 17, 18, 19. More information will be made available via the website once confirmations can be received as far as training offered

j) Awards Banquet: Jennifer Radtke and Chris Knoch are in the process of arranging the accommodations and details for the 2012 banquet.

k) 501.3(c) request: no response from attorney handling or application. Waiting on response from different attorney about pursuing legal action.

l) Fair sign up: There will be a fair sign up list posted on the website shortly.

m) Anything for the good of the association: discussion on how the training went on props. Thanked by Williams Bay for coming out.

V. Treasurers Report

stands as read

VI. Adjournment

Paul Yakowenko adjourned the meeting. Motion to adjourn by Lyons, seconded by Town of Delavan.

Minutes submitted by: Jennifer Radtke (taken by Paul Yakowenko)

Minutes approved by: Paul Yakowenko

Meeting Minutes March 2011

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Walworth County Firefighters Association

DATE: 3/17/11







General checking:$ 116.61




Bills to be paid:

Jennifer Radtke for web site $76.00

3 checks to Copies & Prints for Firefighter of the year

1 for $18.99

1 for 72.80 and anotheer one for $22.16

Duo Safety ladder for $70.00 and the Executie Board meeting for $110.00








Paul and Jon went to Oshkosh to get Ladders for DUO SAFETY LADDER FOR $70.00

Sharon sent us a 5013c form to fill out and send back to them

Waiting for call back regarding 5013C

Jennifer Radtke will be working on the web site

Ken Kraause the official Photographer of the WCFA will take pictures of the Board members for the profile pictures to go on the web site

We talked about the $200.00 from Rosenthal Heating & Air conditioning

We are going to set up a meeting with Richmond FD to do a dog and pony show with them

Harvard FD sent us a letter for Harvard milk days in June, they want 343 member in uniform in a parade tribute to 911 .

Much discussion of the memorial set and smokehouse.

Waterford FD wants to Join us they could not be here.

Riviera for October is set

Walworth County Fair is Aug.31st throu Sept. 5th insurance is $70.00

Dan Pitt is working on talking to Depts. Regarding the banquet



Linn FD donated $426.35 we put that toward tires for the smokehouse

Monroe fire school wants us this year which is Aug. 17 – 20th


Jon mentioned we have electritions lined up to work on the smokehouse.

Ken Krause Talked more about his puppets Fire fighter FRED and his newest one Firefighter BOB.

We need E-MAILS from depts so we can send messages out.

New Business

Chief Bob Hoffs of Chicago Fire Brother Passed away this week.

Troy Center will be having there spaghetti Dinner will be the first Sunday in May





Old Business








Motion to adjourn by: BLOOMFIELD


Seconded by: LYONS

Meeting adjourned: 20:30

Meeting Minutes January 2011

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Introduction: January. 2011





Motion to accept as read by Randall FD Seconded by Lyons FD

Motion carried



We received a check from Bloomfield for dues for $ 445.00 that was deposited.

Bills that we paid: Esco F & Meyers & sons in Milwaukee $443.00 pins for banquet

L & M Trophy $ 539.75 plaques for the banquet

We also paid Sentry in Walworth: $108.00 flowers

Bendlin fire & safety $183.54 fittings for the hose prop

Need to collect from: Town of Burlington FD, Williams Bay FD, Tichigan FD, Rochester FD. That have not paid there dues yet, not sure about Fontana’s

We received Linns dues $200.00

We received $426.35 from Linn from a memorial fund, that we used to get tires for the smokehouse. Remaining balance of $262.65

General: $ 656.36 Smokehouse: $517.20

Total: $ 1,173.56

Motion accept treasures report by Linn FD to accept Seconded by Randall FD

Motion to pay $262.65 by Linn FD Seconded Lyons FD

Motion Carried



-Brian Christ is good friends with Chief Bob Hoff Fire Commissioner of Chicago Fire that he will deliver a letter to in Chief Hoff to our 2011 Banquet. Paul drafted a letter. Along with that we also will have Chief Rick Kolomay at the banquet.

-We are penciled in for the Rivera

-Paul has a donation letter ready to go out to Geneva Lake Woman’s Association to help with the purchase of green men.

-Paul drafted a letter to go out to Depts. That are no longer with us, and they are

Walworth, Elkhorn, City of Delavan, Town of Delavan, Lake Geneva, East Troy

Harvard, Hebron Fire Departments and Harvard Fire Protection Dist.

-To invite them to attend the banquet, Dan Pitt will take care of that.

-Much discussion of the dues for the smokehouse and other issues RE: Association was talked about.

-New meeting schedule for 2011 is out.

-Fair schedule

Time slots need to be filled for 2011 Walworth Co. fair

Bloomfield on Wed. from 6pm to 10pm

Linn FD on Sat. from 10pm to 2pm

We will assign depts. If we have to.




Aug. 19,20,21st

Thinking of doing a training with Rick Kolomay discussion.

Secretary Ken Krause

Introduced his puppets Firefighter FRED and Firefighter BOB to the members.



MOTION to Adjourn by Linn FD

December 2010 Minutes

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Introduction: Dec. 2010 MEETING CALLED TO ORDER AT 19:28


Reading of the previous minutes read by: by Secretary Ken Krause


Stand as read


Treasures report:

General: $1,918.11 Smokehouse: $724.83


Motion accept treasures report by Whitewater Seconded by Randall

Motion Carried



-Paul Discussed article RE: Banquet

-New schedule for 2011 will be out with Linn FD hosting January meeting.

-Wal-Mart in Lake Geneva gave Association $500

-Genoa City Report had the article of the banquet.

-5013c we have given $1000.00 to the attorney, waiting for IRS.

-Fair Report: looking at changing format to get more help.

-Shooting to get signup out earily for 2011.

-Whitewater/Jefferson co training to be held in the spring.

-Much discussion of associations props.

-Hope to have a ring binder made up for next banquet.

-Memorial set need to have a training on the setup of it.

-Riveria for 2011, Motion by Whitewater, Seconded by Lagrange to have 2011 banquet at the Riveria.

-Linn FD has a memorial fund with $400 and some odd dollars in that fund, the board decided to use that money for new tires for the smokehouse.

-We discussed “back to basics” training props.

-Whitewater is getting new Truck.

-Lake Geneva Woman Association application for funding to get more greenmen.

-Need more participation from Depts.

-Would like to get depts. back in to association.

-Talk about smokehouse dues were discussed


Old Business: n/a

Meeting adjournrd at: 20:45

MOTION to Adjourn by Whitewater Seconded by LaGrange